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Section 1.             This organization shall be known as the Sunrise Soccer Club.


Section 2.             This organization shall be an affiliated branch of and comply with the authority of the American River Youth Soccer League (ARYSL) and the California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA), the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).


Section 3.             The Sunrise Soccer Club is a Drug-Free organization.  Any use of illicit or illegal substances by any player or coach shall be subject to disciplinary measures as detailed in the Club’s “Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Policy”.  The use of tobacco or alcoholic products is discouraged at or near any Sunrise Soccer Club, ARYSL, or Metro League games or practices.






Section 1.             The purpose of all organization members shall be to offer, regardless of race, creed, and/or ability, a soccer program to all youth (boys and girls under nineteen years of age) within our geographic area. 


Section 2.             The territory of this organization is as defined by the ARYSL Constitution and Bylaws.


Section 3.             The general purpose and powers are to have and exercise all rights and powers conferred on nonprofit organizations under the laws of California, including the power to contract, rent, buy, or sell personal or real property provided, however, the Club shall not, except to an insubstantial degree, engage in any activities or exercise any powers that are not in furtherance of the primary purpose of this club.





Section 1.             Club meetings shall be open to all Club members.


Section 2.             Board Meetings:  


A.    Regular meetings every other month will be set each year by the Board.  A meeting schedule will be provided to each Board member, and to any interested Club member.

B.    A quorum shall consist of three members of the executive Board, including the Manager, and two members of the Operations Officers, and they shall be empowered to vote on any matters on the conduction of business or concerns of the Sunrise Soccer Club.  The Manager shall cast a vote only in the case of a tie.

C.    Written and or E-mailed proxies or votes are acceptable for transaction of business and voting.

D.    Each Board Member shall be entitled to one (1) vote.  The Manager shall cast a vote only in the case of a tie.  Voting by proxy shall not be allowed.

E.    When deemed necessary by the club manager to conduct club business, the manager shall be permitted to conduct a board vote by phone or email provided all of the following are met:  (1) The necessary number of board members are contacted directly by phone or email to meet the quorum requirements and (2) All votes are verified by a separate phone call or email from at least one other board member designated by the manager.


Section 3.             Special MeetingsBy Non-Board Members: 


A.    Any voting member may call for a Special Meeting by meeting the following requirements:

1.     Submit a petition to the Board stating the reason for the meeting.  Along with the petition shall be a letter containing four additional signatures from four different team representatives.

2.     The petitioner pays, in advance, for all expenses incurred for this Special Meeting.

3.     This special meeting will be composed of one voting member from each team within the Sunrise Soccer Club.

4.     An issue must be decided by a vote of fifty percent plus one of the number of teams within the Club.

5.     A  Board Member cannot be a team representative.




Section 4.             Special Meetings – By Board Members:


A.    Special meetings shall be announced by any of these methods, telephone, e-mail or mail in advance of said meeting.

B.    Special meetings may be called by any member of the Board to deal with club business.

C.    Official business may be conducted during special meetings by e-mail or telephone however, all voting must conclude before 48 hours has passed since question was offered to members.     


Section 5.             Annual General Meeting.


A.    The Sunrise Soccer Club will hold an Annual General Meeting on or before January 31st of each year.

B.    30 days prior to the Annual General Meeting, the Manager shall call for an Annual General Meeting of the membership.  Notification to members and an agenda are to be sent out via email or U.S. mail thirty days in advance of the meeting.

C.    Any additional Agenda items, suggested by the members, must be received by the Board fifteen days in advance of the Annual General Meeting.

D.    The order of business at the Annual General Meeting shall be as follows:


1.     Call to order.

2.     Roll call of the Board.

3.     Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting.

4.     Reports:

a)     Manager

b)     Treasurer

c)     Secretary

d)     Committees

5.     Unfinished business.

6.     Voting on submitted proposals

7.     New business

8.     Good of the game.

9.     Election of Executive Board Members.

10.  Adjournment.


E.    In the event that the Club is unable to hold an Annual General Meeting on or before December 31, a General Meeting shall be held as soon as practical for the sole purpose of electing a new Executive Board.  Notification of this meeting is to be sent out at least fifteen days in advance of the meeting.


Section 6.             The Manager, with majority approval of all board members, will arrange the meeting place for regular meetings. 





Section 1.             Board of Directors.  The Board of directors shall be made up of the Executive Board Members and the Operations Officers.


Section 2.             The Executive Board Members shall consist of the following officers elected at the Annual General Meeting:


A.    Manager.

B.    First Assistant Manager.

C.    Secretary.

D.    Treasurer

E.    Registrar.

F.     Head Team Parent.


Section 3.             The Operations Officers shall consist of the following officers appointed by the Manager and approved by the Executive Board:


A.    Referee Coordinator.

B.    Asst. Referee Coordinator.

C.    Coaching Coordinator.

D.    Select Coordinator.

E.    Fields Coordinator.

F.     Publicity Coordinator/webmaster.

G.    Special Events Coordinator.


Section 4.             The Manager shall be the chief elected officer of the Club. All executive Board positions shall be elected.  The manager may make appointed board positions and nominate members with majority approval of the elected Board.  Appointed board members always serve at the selection of the manager of the club.


Section 5.             Board Responsibilities.  The Board shall:


A.    Prepare an annual Club Budget.

B.    Approve all expenditures of Club funds.

C.    Through written “policies” interpret, clarify, and/or detail the meanings of the Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules of the Club.

D.    Make temporary rules or regulations for specific cases or occasions not provided for in the Constitution, Bylaws, or Standing Rules, but which are deemed necessary to carry out the objectives and purposes of the Club.

E.    Ensure that, to the extent possible, all children wishing to play soccer for the Club are accommodated.


Section 6.             Duties of Officers.


A.    The Manager Shall:


1.     Conduct and control meetings of the Club.

2.     Schedule Club meetings.

3.     Attend affiliated league meetings and represent the Club.

4.     Supervise the other Board Members in carrying out their duties.

5.     Have authority to cosign Club checks.

6.     Handle Correspondence with outside entities such as schools and parks


B.    The First Assistant Manager Shall:   


1.     Act for the Manager in the Manager’s absence.

2.     Supervise the efforts of the Coach Coordinators, North/South Field Coord.

3.     Liaison to ARYSL Competitive Oversight Committee

4.     Have authority to cosign checks.



C.    The Secretary Shall:


1.     Keep minutes of all Club meetings.

2.     Handle all Clubs correspondence Phone Line and P.O Box.

3.     Publish notice of all meetings.

4.     Maintain an updated copy of the Club’s Bylaws, Standing Rules, and written policies.

5.     Act as Sergeant at Arms/Parliamentarian.

6.     Distribute the minutes from the prior meeting at least one week before the next meeting to all members by E-mail, along with the Board agenda and meeting reminder notice.  


D.    The Treasurer Shall:


1.     Keep detailed records of funds received and paid.

2.     Develop the annual budget for Board approval.

3.     Prepare and present a financial report to the Board.

4.     Prepare and file all papers pursuant to the tax-exempt status of the Club.

5.     Have authority to cosign Club checks.

6.     Be on the budget committee and prepare the annual budget for Board approval within 90 days after being elected at the annual meeting.


E.    The Registrar Shall: (paid position) 2 year commitment


1.     Registrar all players and teams with the ARYSL per ARYSL and SSC policies.

2.     Keep registration records.

3.     Develop player passes.

4.     Shall schedule registration dates, coordinate and communicate registration information, register all teams with ARYSL and Metro League per ARYSL and Metro rules, and develop player passes.


F.     The Head Team Parent Shall:       


1.     Serve as a leader and resource person for team parents.

2.     Coordinate team pictures.

3.     Order and coordinate player participation awards.

4.     Hold a team parent meeting to explain the duties of team mom.


G.    The Referee Coordinator Shall:   


1.     Recruit new referees.

2.     Schedule all referees for home games.

3.     Arrange and coordinate referee clinics.

4.     Produce Payroll lists to the Treasurer.


H.    The Asst. Referee Coordinator Shall:   


1.     Provide Assessment and Training for All Referees

2.     Recruit new referees.

3.     Assist with referee clinics.

4.     Assist the Referee Coordinator with scheduling referees for home games.


I.      The Coaching Coordinator Shall:      


1.     Arrange for and conduct U6-U8 coaches meetings.

2.     Recruit coaches for U6-U8 recreational teams.

3.     Arrange/coordinate coaching clinics.

4.     Update the coach’s manual for distribution.

5.     Obtain necessary documents and pictures from coaches.

6.     Present a Division IV coaches training/information night

7.     Annually help update the coach’s manual for distribution.

8.     Oversee the club’s annual recreation soccer camp.


J.      The Select Coaching Coordinator Shall:


1.     Schedule and set up Select try-outs.

2.     Recruit applicants for coaches for Select teams.

3.     Coordinate Select program publicity.

4.     Arrange for and conduct Select coaches meetings.

5.     Distribute Metro League and tournament information to Select teams.

6.     Obtain necessary documents and pictures from coaches.

7.     Oversee the Division Ill coaches and teams.

8.     Present a Division III coaches training and information night.

9.     Attend Metro League seeding meetings.

10.  Set up and supervise Division Ill tryouts.

11.  Hold necessary meetings and training sessions with Division Ill coaches.

12.  Act as a budget committee member.

13.  Annually help update the coach’s manual for distribution.


K.    The Fields Coordinator Shall: 

1.     Recruit and appoint, with Board approval, field managers for each field under the control of the Club.

2.     Arrange for work parties to construct, maintain, and improve fields under the control of the Club.

3.     Organize Practice Schedules.

4.     Make sure equipment lockers are fully stocked with proper equipment.

5.     Obtain use permits and self-help requests for the season including renovation dates, practice, game, and tournament dates, through the San Juan Unified School District, and Sunrise Park & Recreation District.

6.     Act as a budget committee member for the Club.

7.     Identify, obtain, and issue all items of Club equipment to support Club teams.

8.     Develop, organize, and recommend to the Board Logo Wear and accessories purchases.

9.     Distribute Select coach shirts and caps. 


L.    The Publicity Coordinator Shall:


1.     Prepare and distribute notices of Club registrations.

2.     Distribute notices of Select try-outs.

3.     Distribute notices of the Annual General Meeting.

4.     Prepare and distribute notices, newsletter, or other information as directed by the Board.

5.     Shall be the club’s chief information officer and work to produce all community information and news announcements and provide articles for the newsletter and the club’s website.

6.     Shall assemble news information submitted into a quarterly print ready newsletter for mailing in the spring, summer, fall and winter.

7.     Obtain fundraising for the club.


M.   The Special Events Coordinator Shall:


1.     Organize the picture/festival day fundraiser.

2.     Organize a Recreational in-house Jamboree with the help of the coaching coordinators.

3.     Organize a Select Jamboree with the help of the Select Coordinator.

4.     Obtain Fundraising for the Club.

5.     Coordinate donations for the above events.


N.    Webmaster:


1.     Update and maintain club website.

2.     Assess all technology vendors and applications and present “best solutions” to board.

3.     Monitor email








Section 1.             Nominations.  The Club shall have a Nominating Committee.  The Second Assistant Manager shall chair the Nominating Committee.  The Manager, with the approval of the Board, shall appoint two other members to the Nominating Committee.


A.    The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for receiving nominations of persons willing to serve as Board Members.

B.    The Nominating Committee shall present a list of candidates to the Board at the November meeting and to the general membership, in writing, during the month of November and prior to the Annual General Meeting.

C.    Additional nominations shall be accepted from the floor with the consent of the Nominee.

D.    The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for conducting the election during the Annual General Meeting and reporting the results at this meeting.

E.    The Executive Board shall be elected by a majority of the votes cast for their particular office.  In cases where a majority cannot be attained, a run-off election will be conducted between the two candidates receiving the highest tally of votes.

F.     The nomination committee shall present the list of executive board candidates to the Board at the November board meeting where additional nominations shall be solicited one more time before the board declares nominations to be closed for all executive board member positions with nominees.

G.    The exception to this nomination process shall occur when one of the executive offices does not have a nominated candidate at the time of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) by virtue of a candidate dropping out or none being nominated at the November meeting.  Accordingly, for the offices only without nominees, additional nominations shall be accepted from the floor at the AGM with the consent of nominees.  Their names shall now be included in the slate of officers standing for election to the board of SSC.

H.    The Nomination Committee shall publish the executive board nominations from the November board meeting to the general membership, in writing, during the month of November not less than two weeks prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting. 


Section 2.             Ballots.  The Executive Board shall be elected by secret ballot or acclamation if there is no contest.


Section 3.             Election.  The election of the executive board shall take at the Annual General Meeting by the general membership. The general membership includes parents of players in SSC, coaches, and Board members. Two votes per family limit.









Section 1.             All funds of the Club shall be turned over to the Treasurer who shall be responsible for their safekeeping.  No person who is now, or who later becomes a member of this Board shall be personally liable to the Club’s creditors or for any indebtedness of the liability of this Club.  Any and all creditors shall look only to the Club’s assets for payment.


Section 2.             The Sunrise Soccer Club and its members, either collectively or individually, shall not be liable for any claims, personal or financial, arising from the performance of any act or duty directly or indirectly related to the work of the Club or the ARYSL.


Section 3.             The finances of the Club shall be handled and managed in accordance with sound accounting practices and procedures.


A.    An audit may be called for at the discretion of the Manager or by majority rule of the Board of Directors, but should be considered annually.

B.    No person who is now, or who later becomes a member of this Board shall be personally liable to the Club’s creditors or for any indebtedness of the liability of this Club. Any and all creditors shall look only to the Club’s assets for payment.



Section 1.             Parliamentary Authority.  When there is a question on the procedures not covered by these bylaws, then the most current edition of Robert's Rules of Order will prevail.

Section 2.             Bylaw Amendments.  Prior to voting on any amendments to the bylaws, all board members must receive 20 day written notice of the proposed amendments and the Board must be approved by the Board. These bylaws shall be reviewed at least every three years and revised as necessary. Amendments may be considered annually at the Annual General Meeting or with proper written notice at any general board meeting.

A.    Each affiliated team may submit proposed changes to the Bylaws, and Standing Rules of this organization to the Sunrise Soccer Club Board of Directors.  The Board must receive any proposed changes must be received by the Board at least thirty days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

B.    Amendments to the Bylaws and Standing Rules of this organization shall be made at the Annual General Meeting.

C.    An amendment to the Bylaws shall be deemed adopted by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members casting votes.

D.    Amendments to the Standing Rules require a simple majority of the votes cast.


Section 3.             Rules and Policies.

A.    There shall be a minimum of nine board meetings per year, including the AGM.

B.    Policies shall be developed at the discretion of the Board as needed.

C.    Standing Rules and Regulations for club operation are considered part of our bylaws and may be adopted and amended as needed by the board of directors at any regular meeting of the board, provided said changes were discussed at a previous board meeting within the prior three months where a majority of the board of directors agrees to place the rules or regulations in question on a forth coming agenda as an action item for final board approval.  All board members must then receive 20 day written notice prior the meeting date during which the changes and or amendments shall be considered for final approval.    

D.    The Club Fair Play Policy is also considered part of our club bylaws.  The board of directors has sole discretion to adopt and amend said fair play policy at will and without notice.  Rules can never be adopted retroactively and shall not become effective until board approval.           

E.    The Rules of Play shall be the “Laws of the Game” as published by the FIFA with those modifications stated within the Operating Procedures.



The property of this Club is irrevocably dedicated to youth recreational (charitable) purposes and no part of the net income of assets of this organization shall ever inure to the benefit of any director, officer or to the benefit of any private individual. Upon the dissolution or winding up the club, its assets remaining after payment of, or provision for payment of all debts and liabilities of this Club, shall be distributed to a non-profit fund, foundation or corporation which is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes and which has established its tax exempt status under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. If this Club holds any assets in trust, such assets shall be disposed of in such a manner as may be directed by decree of the supervisor of the superior court of the county in which the Club has its principal office, upon petition therefore by the Attorney General, or by a person concerned in the liquidation, in a proceeding to which the Attorney General is a party.



            The Board shall immediately convene for any disciplinary actions regarding coaches, parents and/or players.  The Manager or Assistant Manager shall decide if matter needs to be brought to the entire board or if a specific chairperson can handle the matter.  If the entire board is needed, the board will immediately decide the matter within 72 hours after the matter has been brought to the attention of the Manager or Assistant Manager.


1.     Article IX, Amendment 1 (9/3/2019): Any spectators entering the soccer field is prohibited at all times unless approved by referee/official. Spectators entering in a dangerous and/or aggressive manner will be suspended a minimum of (2) games pending a board review.





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